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Get a Snapshot of Recent Test Performance with the New Runscope Radar Overview

By Neil Mansilla on .

A new feature that we recently launched is the Runscope Radar Overview -- a high-level overview page with a series of reports on individual test performance. The overview includes:

  • Success ratio (tests passed/performed) over last day, week and month
  • Results graph for the most recent tests performed
  • Request performance (latency)
  • HTTP response code graph

The default view for every Radar test includes these reports. Simply click on any of your test names from the Runscope Radar page. This report highlights data for individual tests only. To take a deeper dive into performance and usage statistics across all account data (all buckets, tests and captures), use Runscope Metrics.

Runscope Radar Overview and Metrics are available to all customers. If you need help understanding these reports, drop us a line. Our support team is always ready to help.

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